Sharkline Captiva 48 Pool - Liner - Skimmer Packages

Sharkline Captiva 48" Pool, Liner and Skimmer Packages

Package Includes:

  • Captiva 48" Pool
  • All swirl Liner
  • Hayward Wide-Mouth Skimmer

Sharkline Captiva 48 Aboveground Pool is a great entry-level aboveground pool that has premium features while still remaining affordable. Its 48 inch deep walls are made of galvanized steel for corrosion-resistance, while being finished in an attractive taupe to match your backyard decor. Its 4 1/2 inch thick uprights and 6 inch top rails provide the strength needed to provide years of reliable service. All oval pools are further strengthened by buttresses. Best of all, Captiva 48 is manufactured right here in the United States to ensure the highest quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.

  • All steel construction for outstanding strength and durability.
  • 48" high steel walls.
  • 6" wide steel top rail.
  • 4 1/2" steel vertical supports.
  • 37" wide oval pool buttresses for added strength
  • Captiva Round Pool SizePrice
    27 $1478.99

    Captiva OVAL Pool SizePrice
    12x24 oval$1674.99
    15x30 oval$2038.99

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