Pool Frog IG 5400 Mineral Reservoir 01-12-5462

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POOL FROG®  IG Mineral Reservoirs 5400
Now make pool start up much easier with NEW START-UP WATER POLISHERS! This new feature added to the FROG® mineral technology gives the pool an extra boost of shine that helps start the season with the perfect pool. Now there’s one more reason why POOL FROG® is the best option for above ground or in ground pools! To help differentiate this new product, look for the robins egg blue color with the pink burst stating “Now With Start-Up Water Polishers.” Added benefits at the same price!

Part number 01-12-5462

Use in Inground Model 01-01-5480

  • its inground Pool Frog cyclers, Mineral Hybrid and Pool Frog XL Pro
  • Convenient Mineral reservoir lasts 6 months
  • Enjoy less skin and eye irritation
      1. Turn off pump. Turn dial to Pac removal. This reduces the flow of water into the unit when the cap is open.
      2. Use the cap tool included with POOL FROG Cycler to loosen cap by hitting the handle with the flat of your hand counter clockwise. Stand back to avoid inhaling chlorine fumes from the POOL FROG Bac Pac
      3. Find slot on side of Mineral Reservoir and line up with fin inside the cycler. Lower reservoir into cycler until secure.
  • NOTE: Check the top of the box and back label of product to make sure you have the correct POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir to fit cycler.

    • Note: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

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