StaRite Cristal-Flo Sand Filters

StaRite Cristal-Flo Sand Filters


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Sta-Rite Cristal-Flo Sand Filter

145360 150lb, 145362 300lb
Press, twist, and relax

You won't burn many calories maintaining Cristal-Flo II Top-Mount Filters. A little two-way wrist action on the control valve puts the Cristal-Flo II to work cleaning itself. And, this is one workout routine you won't have to do very often. Through innovative engineering, the filter's dirt-handling capacity is maximized, which extends the time between cleanings (backwashing).


  • Quality Construction – Durable one-piece extra-thick molded polyethylene tank
  • Safe – Internal air relief hole allows air
    to automatically escape, preventing high pressure buildup
  • 6-Position Valve – Allows you to perform all necessary water movement functions. A transparent sight-glass adapter is included
  • Large Drain Plug – Large drain plug is easy to get at for removing and installing by hand or with tools if required
  • Sleek Looks – Contemporary style with a textured black finish that provides superior performance in all weather conditions
Drop Down Price Equals 
Product Number  Size  GPM  Pipe Size  Amount of Sand required 
 145360  N/A  19"  48  1.5"  150lb
 145361  N/A  22"  60  1.5"  250lb
 145362  N/A  24"  70  1.5"  300lbs
 145387  26"  75  1.5"  350lbs

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