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Epoxy Putty Stick


EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY is a unique two-part, hand-moldable epoxy putty specially formulated for concrete or Gunite pool repairs. The convenient cartridge form provides a simple, equal mixing ratio (1 to 1). Just cut, mix and fix. There is no need to drain pools to repair leaks and cracks because EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY hardens under water. Once cured, it will not shrink or sag.

COVERAGE: One 14 oz. set will cover approximately 11.7 cubic inches or .0067 cubic feet.


1. Area to be repaired must be free of loose particles, slime and algae.

2. Mix equal amounts of Resin and Hardener thoroughly, above water, until putty is uniform in color.

3. For best adhesion, press putty firmly into areas requiring repair. Above Water Repairs

  • Area to be repaired must be thoroughly cleaned. Remove grease, loose particles and rust. For best adhesion, roughen surface with wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Mix equal amounts of Resin and Hardener thoroughly until putty is uniform in color.
  • For above water repairs, the putty can be contoured or smoothed by carefully rubbing with a wet sponge. Note: It is important to apply EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY at least 1/8” thick. After application, EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY should not be disturbed until completely cured.


  • Density (14 oz. set) 130 lb. / cu. ft.
  • Compressive Strength 8,000 psi. (55.2 MPa)
  • Bond Strength 400 psi. (2.76 MPa)
  • Maximum Use Temperature Intermittent 200oF (93oC) Continuous 150oF (66oC)
  • Tensile Strength 1,600 psi. (11.0 MPa) Coefficient of Expansion, 3.35 x 10-5 in./in./oF (cm./cm./oC) (1.86 x 10-5) Color White or Black

TYPICAL SETTING TIME The setting of EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY results from an exothermic reaction. Curing can be accelerated by applying an external heat source, such as a heat lamp or hair dryer. The greater the heat, the quicker the curing. Do not heat above 200o F (93o C).


  • 60oF (16oC) 3-1/2 hr.
  • 70oF (21oC) 2 hr.
  • 80oF (27oC) 80 min.
  • 90oF (32oC) 55-60 min.
  • 100oF (38oC) 40-45 min.
  • 120oF (49oC) 20-25 min.

Note: Setting time is the length of time a system must be subjected to heat or pressure to cause the system to set-up that it can be used. Curing time is the length of time that it takes to reach all its properties, both chemical and physical.

CLEANING Equipment should be cleaned with soap and warm water before the materials referred to in this Data Sheet begin to set. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or alcohol will have to be used after the material has begun to harden. DISPOSAL Dispose of residues and wastes in accordance with the directions in the Material Safety Data Sheets and government regulations.

STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE Store all materials in a cool, dry environment. Keep all materials out of direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperature is 75o F (24o C). Protect from freezing. In unopened original containers, the materials referred to in this Data Sheet have a shelf life of approximately one year.

PRECAUTIONS The materials referred to in this Data Sheet present handling and potential health hazards. Consult Material Safety Data Sheets and the container labels for complete precautionary information.

TECHNICAL SERVICES ATLAS maintains a staff of Technical Service Representatives who are available to assist you with the use of ATLAS products. In the event of difficulties with the application of ATLAS materials, the installation should be stopped immediately and ATLAS’ Technical Service Department consulted for assistance.

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