56J C-Flange Full Rate Century Replacement Motor (Hayward Style)

CenturySKU: ST1072

Size: ¾ hp Single Speed 115/230V ST1072
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Century C-Flange Full Rate Motor (B128)

Century C Faced, 2 Compartment, Full Rated, High Service Factor replacement pump motors; 3450 RPM, Frame 56J, Class “B” Insulation

Single Speed and Dual Speed Pool & Spa Motor
May be used on:
Hayward Super Pumps

Replacement performance data
Total output (Horsepower (HP) x Service Factor (SF)) of replacement motor must equal or exceed motor being replaced

For Sizing of replacement pumps please take the following information from the name plate:
1. Volts
2. HP (Horse Power)
3. RPM
4. FR (Frame)

* When Replacing Motors, the seal and gaskets should always be replaced.

Manufacturer AO Smith/Century/Regal Beloit
Motor Type Pool
Motor Style C-Flange
Frame Type 56J
Motor Shaft Type Threaded
Full Rate Motor
ST1072  (B127)
Horsepower 0.75 hp
Total Horse Power 1.13 T.H.P. 
Service Factor 1.5
Motor Amperage and Voltage 15.0/7.5 115/230V
Speed 1 Speed (1-Spd)
ST1102  (B128)
Horsepower 1.0 H.P.
Total Horse Power 1.5 T.H.P.
Service Factor 1.47
Motor Amperage and Voltage 18.6/9.3 Amp  115/208-230V
Speed 1 Speed (1-Spd)
Horsepower 1. H.P.
Total Horse Power 1.4 T.H.P.
Service Factor 1.40
Motor Amperage and Voltage 6.4 - 5.9/11.8 Amp 115/208-230V
Speed 1 Speed (1-Spd)
ST1152  (B129)
Horsepower 1.5 H.P.
Total Horse Power 2.25 T.H.P.
Service Factor 1.5
Motor Amperage and Voltage 19.6/10.4-9.8 Amps 115/208-230V
Speed 1 Speed (1-Spd)
ST1202  (B130)
Horsepower 2 H.P.
Total Horse Power 2.6 T.H.P.
Service Factor 1.3
Motor Amperage and Voltage 12.6/11.4 Amp 208-230V 
Speed 2 Speed (2-Spd)
B2979 (2-Speed)
Horsepower 2.0 H.P.
Total Horse Power 2.4 T.H.P.
Service Factor 1.2
Motor Amperage and Voltage 11.0/1.6 Amp 230V
Speed 2-speed

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