Aroma Spa Shock Mentha Grove

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Aroma Spa Shock Lavender Isle - Chlorine-Free Oxidizing Shock for Spa Water Clarification with Scoop - Professional Grade Formula

INVIGORATING MENTHA GROVE SCENT: Immerse your spa in the refreshing scent of Mentha Grove, creating a revitalizing atmosphere for your spa experience.

Crystal Clear Water
: Our professional-grade formula breaks down organic contaminants, oils, and impurities, leaving your spa water sparkling clear.

Safe and Reliable: Spazazz Aroma Spa Shock is compatible with all spa types and won't harm your spa's equipment or surfaces, giving you peace of mind with each use.

PACKAGE SIZE: Each jar contains 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of Mentha Grove Spa Shock, providing ample supply for regular spa maintenance.

Experience the difference with Spazazz Aroma Spa Shock Mentha Grove and transform your spa into a haven of relaxation and purity. Order now and indulge in spa luxury at home!

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