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Keep your pool water sparkling clear and brilliant looking with Smart Shock.

BioGuard Smart Shock is a multi-functional product that shocks, oxidizes, buffers, and clarifies pool water. It kills and prevents bacteria growth. This product has unique blue algae-fighting crystals that kill unsightly algae. 

  • There is no need to mix or pre-dissolve, just add it directly to your pool water. 
  • This product has also been proven to improve filter efficiency. 
  • Start swimming in as little as 15 minutes after application. 

Destroying organic contaminants* from the environment and bathers is important

Shocking your pool water is a needed step for proper pool maintenance. Shocks or oxidizers chemically destroy organic contaminants, remove combined chlorine and help restore water clarity. This is the second step of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System.

*such as perspiration, suntan lotions, hair sprays, body oils, urine, pet dander, and cosmetics.

Isn’t shocking just for when your water has a problem?

No! Shocking should be part of your pool maintenance. While it does help with troubleshooting, when part of a routine it removes contaminants that cause cloudy water and helps keep the water crystal clear and sparkling.

  • This Item will be sold as a Pick Up Only until "Product Shortages" are Over

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