C-4310 Cartridge 4 1/4” x 4” with 2 1/16” Open Ends

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Unicel 4000 Series 10 sq. ft. Replacement Filter Cartridge 4 1/4” x 4” with 2 1/16” Open Ends

    • Measurements:
      Outside Diameter: 4 1/4”
      Length: 4”
      Top Inside Diameter: 2 1/16”
      Bottom Inside Diameter: 2 1/16”
      Pleat Count: 216

  • Replacement for: Skim Filter, Accent Spas, Custom Molded (25249), Icon (146949), Leisure Bay, Rec. Warehouse (378900), Sonoma, Waterway (817-0010)
Application Accent Spas, Blue Falls (Canada), Charisma Spas, Custom Molded Products, Diamante Spas (US Tooling), Hollibaugh Spas, Icon Health & Spas, Leisure Bay/Rec Whs, PDC Spas, Rec Whs/Leisure Bay, Sonoma Spas, Starlight Spas (US Tooling), Superior Spas, Thermo Spas, US Tooling & Spa, US Tooling/Diamante Spas, US Tooling/Starlight Spas, Waterway
Bottom Physical Dimension 1-15/16"
Bottom Style Open
Diameter 4-1/4"
Length 4"
Media Type 3oz
Model Skim Filter 10sqft
Square Footage 10 sq ft
Top Physical Dimension 1-15/16"
Top Style Open

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