Hayward IG 1 1/2' In-Line Chlorinator

Hayward IG 1 1/2' In-Line Chlorinator


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Hayward Pool Products

CL200 by Hayward chlorinators is ideal for new and existing pools and work automatically with the system's  pump.

Keeping your pool chemicals in balance is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. Regulating proper pH and alkalinity levels as well as the prevention of algae, bacteria, and viruses are all vital functions of pool chemicals. As you can see, it is critical to maintain the balance of pool chemicals in order to ensure safe, clean, and clear swimming water.

Swimming pool chemical feeders help you to keep your pool in the best condition possible. With automatic pool chemical feeders the work of pool maintenance is done for you.
  • Automatically add chlorine to your pool
  • Load with up to 9 lbs of chlorine tablets or sticks
  • Sanitize pools up to 40,000 gallons
  • Easily adjust the rate of distribution for the needs of your pool
  • NSF-approved.

CL200 by Hayward

  • Inline Chlorine Feered