Confer Curved In-Pool Step Above Ground CCX-AG


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Confer Curved inpool step has the sweeping “wedding cake” design that many homeowners want in their pool. The unit can be assembled with the treads curving inwards or outwards depending on your preference. Fill the Curve step with 40 lbs of sand to prevent floating while in pool (sand not included).

  • Above ground pool application
  • 4 Steps with a 27” inside tread width
  • Fits most 48” to 60” pools
  • Rated to 400 lb
  • Two tone color; Warm gray sides with Gray treads
  • Includes adjustable base pad for slightly dished pool floor
    • Specifications;
      Tread width 27”
      Tread depth 10”
      Riser height 11”
      Unit depth 32”
      Height to top of tread 47”
      Overall outside width 38”
      * Complete Curve System with add-on unit width 58

  • To extend the right side of the curve step 20” with the add-on optional unit CCXADDON (sold separately)