Gecko Flo-Master XP2e Series Pump


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Flo-Master XP2 pumps easily outperforms every other 48-frame pump on the market while utilizing the same spa requirements. Having a shut-off head of more than traditional 48-frame spa pumps, but less than the 56-frame pool pools, these unique pumps have been designed for today’s large, heavily jetted spas requiring increased flow.

  • High volume volute
  • 2” Plumbing
  • Dual Speed Side Discharge 230 Volt
Manufacturer AquaFlo/Gecko
Pump Model XP2e
Speed 2 Speed (2-Spd)
Motor Voltage 230v
Drain Plug Location 4,6,9 o`clock
Suction Style Center
Suction Connection Type Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Suction Pipe Size 2"
Discharge Style Side
Discharge Connection Type Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Discharge Pipe Size 2"
3.0 Break Horsepower (05320761-2040) 3.0 B.H.P.
Operational Horsepower 2.0 O.H.P.
Amp 9.0A / 3.2A
4.0 Break Horsepower (05334012-2040) 4.0 B.H.P.
Operational Horsepower 3.0 O.H.P.
Amp 12.0A/4.4A
5.0 Break Horsepower (05340009-5040) 5.0 B.H.P.
Operational Horsepower 4.0 O.H.P.
Amp 15.0 A / 4.8A
Motor Frame 56 Frame Thru-Bolt