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GLB Super Blue® Clarifier

Super Blue Clarifier helps to clear cloudy water, prevent hazy water from recurring, improve filter efficiency by removing dirt particles, and allows for swimming immediately after treatment.

Added Benefit – The concentrated formula won’t clog filters, is effective at varying temperatures, won’t affect pH balance and can be used with all filter types and sanitizing systems.

1 ounce treats 5,000 gallons!

Super Blue should be added at least 1 time per week as part of your regular maintenance program. It is best to use 12 hours after your weekly shock treatment of after treating for algae.

1. Add 1 oz of Super Blue per 5,000 gallons of water to a bucket of water
2. Pour the solution into the pool around the perimeter
3. For improved filter efficiency, pour part of the solution directly into the skimmer
4. Run filter for 8 hours

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