Grundfos Circulating Pump


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This pump is energy efficient and costs only pennies per day to operate. Its absolutely quiet, almost silent operation will assure your customer`s satisfaction. The newer pump has been completely redesigned with an ingenious rotating volute allowing installation in all plumbing configurations. 12-18 GPM

Accessory Pump Type Circulation 12-18 GPM
Manufacturer Grundfos
Pump Model 59896292 230v,  59896291 115v
Speed 1 Speed (1-Spd)
Motor Voltage 5989629 2230v model 59896291 115V model
Drain Plug Location 4 o`clock
Suction Style Center
Suction Connection Type Barb (b)
Suction Pipe Size 1"
Discharge Style Side
Discharge Connection Type Barb (b)
Discharge Pipe Size 1"
Motor Amperage/Wattage (230v)0.74A, 94w, (115V)0.74A, 85wGrundfos