Hinsperger Double Water Tube Heavy Duty

Hinsperger Double Water Tube Heavy Duty

Hinspergers Poly Industries

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Hinsperger Heavy Duty Domestically made water tubes keeps your winter cover securely in place all winter long.

Yard Guard makes a variety of water bags — single chamber, double chamber and wall bags — to ensure that your in-ground or above-ground winter cover is secure and does it’s job all winter long.

These traditional water bags are time tested and proven to protect your winter cover from collapsing under the weight of ice and snow.


  • Heavy gauge U.S. vinyl.
  • U.V. treated.
  • Freeze crack additive.
  • Large U.S. made valve to accept a standard garden hose.
  • 8′ & 10′ double.
  • 2′ wall bags.

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