Instant Frog 01-18-4406 for pools up to 25,000 Gal

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Instant Frog For Pools up to 25,000 Gal

Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket Sanitizer with Minerals

No room to install a FROG System on your in-ground swimming pool? No problem. You can still enjoy the comfort and bacteria killing protection of FROG.  Instant FROG sits in your skimmer basket and deploys our sanitizing minerals against bacteria for 6 months. These minerals reduce the need for chlorine by up to 50 percent while transforming your pool water into Fresh Mineral Water that’s sparkling and silky smooth.

 Instant FROG is quick and easy to install, simply drop it into your pool skimmer for the entire summer(6 months), allowing you to turn your chlorinator down or fill your chlorine floater less full because you only need a low 0.5 parts per million of chlorine. Simply replace it every spring for continued protection.

For inground pools up to 25,000 gallons. This product is compatible with pool chemicals except biguinides and bromine. Before using Instant Frog as the pool maintenance product, balance the pH to between 7.2-7.8 and total alkalinity between 60-120 ppm and shock the pool with a chlorine shock per the manufacturers directions. Then follow the directions below.

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