Intelliflo 011013 VS3050 (One Left) Pick Up Only Price

Intelliflo 011013 VS3050 (One Left) Pick Up Only Price


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A Breakthrough in Energy-Efficiency, Service Life, and Silent OperationThe IntelliFlo® 4x160 is the best defense against rising energy costs!

Until now, pool pumps have operated at one or two speeds, near the top of their range, leading to higher energy usage and faster wear. Now there’s a dramatically superior choice. The IntelliFlo® 4x160 high performance pump is the first programmable, variable speed technology pump that allows programming of four different speeds (each between 400 and 3,450 RPMs) for four different jobs. The increased energy-efficiency provides typical energy savings of 30% annually. Your pool professional will help you set the proper speed for your filtration cycle. Set another for spa operation. And another for a water feature or two. Plus, as you replace or add new equipment, each setting can be changed in seconds, as needed, to make sure you always use the least amount of energy possible.

The IntelliFlo 4x160 achieves incredible efficiency and breakthrough performance:

  • Typical energy savings of 30% can total hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Service life of critical parts is dramatically extended because the pump is always working at peak efficiency.
  • IntelliFlo 4x160 is quieter than a whisper, emitting just 7-10 decibels.
  • Simply dial pump speed up or down to change water flow and multiply the effects of your water features.
  • Easily linked to EasyTouch® pool and spa control systems for even greater convenience and control.

Product Specifications

Flow Rating:
Up to 160 GPM
3 HP
Port Size:
2 in.
230 V