All Swirl 48/52/54" Round and Oval Overlap Liner

SwimlineSKU: LI1548ASO

Size: 15' x 48/52/54” Round LI1548ASO
Sale price$159.99


Swimline premium liners are made for maximum protection from pool chemicals and the sun’s damaging U.V. rays. Constructed of full 20 gauge virgin vinyl, our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years. Strong, double-welded seams will withstand winter’s worst. Our liners are so rugged; they are backed by a 15-Year Manufacturer Prorated Warranty. Will fit either a 48”/52"/54” sidewall.

Round Pool Size Description
12 n/a
15 15' x 48/52/54” Round LI1548ASO 
16 16' x 48/52/54” Round LI1648ASO 
18 18' x 48/52/54” Round LI1848ASO 
20 20' x 48/52/54” Round LI191048ASO
21 21' x 48/52/54” Round LI2148ASO 
24  24' x 48/52/54” Round LI2448ASO
27 27' x 48/52/54” Round LI2748ASO 
28 28' x 48/52/54” Round LI2848ASO 
30 30' x 48/52/54” Round LI3048ASO 
33 33' x 48/52/54” Round LI3348ASO 

Oval Pool Size Description
12x17 12'x17' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1217ASO
12x24 12'x24' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1224ASO 
15x24 15'x24' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1524ASO 
15'x25' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1525ASO
15'x26' x 48/52/54” Oval LI15267ASO
15x30 15'x30' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1530ASO 
15'x31' 15'x31' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1531ASO
16x26 16'x26' x 48/52/54” Oval LI16265ASO
16x28 16'x28' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1628ASO 
16x32 16'x32' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1632ASO 
18x33 18'x33' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1833ASO 
18x34 18'x34' x 48/52/54” Oval LI1834ASO 
21x41 n/a

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