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Stainfree – Extra Strength quickly removes stubborn metal stains

Stainfree Extra Strength is a premium stain fighter that contains 100% ascorbic acid. It quickly removes metail staining without adding phosphates to your water. It is ideal for treating staining on all pool surfaces. Use with Natural Chemistry’s Metalfree™ and you have the ultiimate 1-2 combination for stain fighting!


  • 100% ascorbic acid-premium stain fighter!
  • Safely removes metal stains from pool liners and finishes
  • Quickly removes stubborn stains
  • Compatible with all sanitizing systems

Directions for use:

      1. Balance pool water chemistry before using Stainfree Extra Strength: pH – 7.2-7.6; Alkalinity – 80-120 ppm; Calcium Hardness – 200-400 ppm; CYA below 50 ppm; Phosphates – below 100 ppb (Stain removal products work best when the pH is on the lower side of acceptable range – 7.2).
      Before starting the metal stain removal or water discoloration process (step 4), a pulp based filter aid must be added to cartridge and sand filters. DE filters must be properly charged.

      3. Lower chlorine level to 1 ppm or less (A high chlorine level or adding oxidizing agents during the process will prevent Stainfree Extra Strength from working as designed.)

 Surface Staining: 
      If the surface is stained, add 1lb. of Stainfree Extra Strength per 10,000 gallons as close to the stained area(s) as possible with the pump off overnight.

Water Discoloration: 
      If the entire body of water is discolored, put the pool on recirculate, add 1lb. of Stainfree Extra Strength per 10,000 gallons to the pool evenly around the edge. Let the circulation run for one hour. After one hour, shut the pump off and let sit overnight.
      5. Before turning the pump back on, brush the pool walls and floor thoroughly.
      6. Turn the pump back on and add Metalfree™ evenly


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