Outside Pipe Extender, Lass Extend-All, Fitting, 1-1/2"

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LASS ENTERPRISES, INC. the originator of the pipe extender, has developed a new repair fitting. The new fitting, called the EXTEND-ALL ™ FITTING, is used when replacing any standard "glued in" fitting, check valve, ball valve, etc. The old item is cut out by cutting tight to the item and it is discarded. An EXTENDALL™ fitting is glued into each end of the replacement item making it just long enough to be glued into the existing plumbing.

  • Requires ½ the space of a coupling
  • No Measuring - All New Pipe Sections
  • Always Fits Perfectly
  • No Stress on Pipe
  • Set Procedure saves time
  • No new pipe needed
  • Compatible with all pipe schedules
  • Results in neat, professional appearance
 624686 , 7274-03 , EAL-15

Plumbing Repair Fitting Type Extender, Fitting, Extender, Pipe
First Plumbing Connection Size 1-1/2"
First Plumbing Connection Type Slip (s)
Second Plumbing Connection Size 1-1/2"
Second Plumbing Connection Type Spigot (spg)

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