Blue Slate Stream 48 52 54 Round and Oval Overlap Liner 25 Gauge


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Above-ground pool liners manufactured by Latham Pool Products™ offer the following benefits:

Highest quality construction

Latham vinyl liners for above-ground pools are manufactured using the same processes as our legendary inground pool liners. Virtually maintenance free, Latham above-ground liners are easy to clean and smooth to the touch.

Best Materials

Latham above-ground liners are made from the finest vinyl and treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth.

Elegant Patterns

With Latham above-ground liners, above-ground pool owners can have the same spectacular look as inground pool owners. From rustic stone look to geometric and mosaic designs, Latham offers a variety of elegant patterns to complement any back yard or poolscape.  
Round Pool Size
15 - Paf-75-8558
18 - Paf-75-8559
21 - Paf-75-8608
24 - Paf-75-8560
27 - Paf-75-8561
30 - Paf-75-8652

Oval Pool Size
12x24 - Paf-75-8562
15x30 - Paf-75-8563
16x32 - Paf-75-8655
18x33 - Paf-75-8564