Peel N' Place Pool Cove 48" Section


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Much easier to install and more dependable than sand coves, Peel & Stick Pool Cove has an adhesive backing for quick, easy installation and will extend the life of your liner for years! A cove is needed to keep the weight of the water in the pool liner from causing it to balloon out under the bottom of the pool wall. Previously, pool cove had to be hand built using tons of sand or dirt. Liner failures due to cove washout were all too common. Corrosion occurred rapidly where metal components, at the bottom of the pool, came in contact with moisture in the sand or dirt.

  • Specifications;
  • Model PNP192L
  • 4” Tall
  • 3” Across
  • 48” Long
  • Ethafoam material
  • White or blue (color may vary)
  • Case Qty. 48 each

  • Refer to pool cove chart for quantity needed for your pool
 Pool Size Amount Needed
15' Round 12
18' Round 15
21' Round 17
24' Round 19
28' Round 22
30' Round 24
33' Round 26
12'x24' Oval 16
15'x26' Oval 17
15'x30' Oval 20
18'x33' Oval 22
18'x36' Oval 24
18'x40' Oval 30