Pentair IntelliBrite 5g White LED 120V

Pentair IntelliBrite 5g White LED 120V


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Pentair IntelliBrite 5g White light combine unmatched energy efficiency with superior light intensity and distribution. The exclusive design can be adjusted to create a standard, wider beam or narrower pattern, depending on your needs. Enjoy pure, white, energy efficient light!

  • Energy efficient (89% less than incandescent lights)
  • Lens can be rotated to 180° to provide wide/narrow beam
  • Specifications;
    Inground pool light application
    LED White light
    120 Volt
    55 Watt (500 watt equivalent)
    Stainless Steel Face Ring

    • Note: IntelliBrite White LED light can’t be used with a dimmer circuit, it will result in permanent damage to the light.