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Polaris AutoClear™ TF Tab Feeder

An easy way to keep your pool water clean

Keep your above-ground pool water sparkling clean to swim in with AutoClear TF — a tab feeder that takes the hassle out of maintenance and gives you reliable sanitization you can depend on by slowly and automatically dissolving chlorine or bromine tablets into your pool water while reducing hands-on contact with chemicals.

When it’s time to replenish tablets, a transparent lid offers you the convenience of knowing at a glance, so you can easily add more before your pool water becomes unbalanced. And, to save you from frustrating installation, AutoClear TF is engineered for simplicity. Quick-connect fittings make it easy to connect to your equipment setup — where tablets are dissolved slowly into the water as it returns to your pool — resulting in even distribution throughout, and the ultimate confidence that your pool is being properly sanitized.

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