Pool Closing Complete The Final Touch for Pool Closings

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 BioGuard Pool Closing Complete is designed to protect valuable equipment and surfaces during the off season and ensure a much quicker spring opening. This special extension of the Pool Complete® family is formulated to counteract pool water's increased corrosive tendencies during the cold weather months. Pool Closing Complete will be highly effective along with traditionally closed pools and also pools that are left uncovered and run in a "hibernation" state.

  • The Final Touch for Pool Closing
  • Prevents issues at start up
  • Saves Time at openings
  • Protects your pool in the off season during cooler winter temperatures with anti-corrosion and anti-scale properties
  • Protects equipment and surfaces
  • Adds water line protection
  • Saves valuable timing at opening
  • Works on all pool types (in-ground, above ground, chlorine, bromine and saltwater)


  • Shake Well before adding
  • Apply entire bottle 72oz for up to 25,000 gallons of pool water for pools up to 12,000 gallons add 1/2 bottle.
  • add slowly and directly into the pool water.

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