Pool Frog 540C Pac 3-Pack 01-03-5613 (Pick Up Only)

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Pool Frog 540C Pac comes pre-filled with chlorine and easily inserts into the mineral reservoir dispensing low levels of chlorine for 3-4 weeks with precise feeding. You will use up to 50% less chlorine. The handles on the Pac area east to remove and you will never have to touch messy chemicals again. Less work ..More pool time!

  • For use in the Pool Frog XL Pro 01125462)
  • Convenient pre-filled packs
  • Prefilled with 6.16 lbs of trichlor chlorine
  • No more touching or smelling chlorine fumes
  • Up to 50% less chlorine use
    1. Cut handle from Pac using a PVC cutting tool or a hacksaw.
    2. Turn Pac over and shake slightly until chlorine tablets fall into tower areas.
    3. Line up the openings on the Pac with keys in cycler (note: openings are a different shape than keys).
    4. Replace cap by hand

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