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POOL PATCH is a fast setting, high strength patching and repair mortar that may be used above or below water levels. POOL PATCH can be used in pools, concrete holding tanks, concrete pipe or virtually anywhere concrete repairs are needed.

Product Features

  • Fast setting
  • Requires water only for mixing
  • Permanent repair. No additional products needed
  • May be painted 1 hour after application
  • High strength
  • Under water repair in a swimming pool or ponds
  • Repair to concrete holding tanks, precast concrete or concrete piping
  • Any patching where high early strength and fast set times are required
  • Make repairs to pool without draining the water
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Stops the loss of water from a pool
  • Excellent bond strength and adhesion properties

CGM Incorporated 300PL


  • UNDERWATER Wire brush area of repair to remove loose or flaking. When possible, undercut the repair area to insure the best results.
  • ABOVE WATER LEVEL Undercut the substrate and open the crack or hole to a minimum depth and width of 1”. Wire brush and then flush away all loose material. Remove all oil, grease, dirt and other contaminates to expose clean sound concrete. All traces of oil, dirt or grease must be removed by scrubbing with an industrial detergent. After scrubbing, flush thoroughly with clean water. The substrate surface must be SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) prior to application. NOTE: Do not apply to frozen substrates or where ambient temperatures are below 35 degrees.
  • MIXING: Mix POOL PATCH with clean potable water. Add just enough to make a putty consistency. Water ratio is 3 parts powder to 1 part water. POOL PATCH is to be mixed in small quantities due to rapid set time.
  • APPLICATION: UNDERWATER: Mixing in a small pail, take POOL PATCH in gloved hand and hold until material starts to firm up. Then, immediately press into hole or crack. Hold for 1 minute, longer if needed, until POOL PATCH has set up. Repeat procedure until crack has been filled. POOL PATCH may be shaved flush with the side of the pool once initial set has occurred.
  • ABOVE WATER LEVEL: Mix sufficient material to complete repair, but not more than can be placed in 10 minutes. Place by trowel into properly prepared surface and shape to contours of repair area. Areas covered with POOL PATCH can be covered with a cementitious coating one hour after the application. NOTE: Cooler temperatures will increase the pot life an set time of Pool Patch. Warmer Temperatures will decrease them.


  1. It is the responsibility of the contractor to review the complete technical datasheets of CGM products referenced above as more detailed information may be required. The information provided above acts only as a general guideline and may vary based on jobsite conditions.
  2. Apply POOL PATCH immediately after mixing.
  3. Do not mix more than can be placed within 10 minutes.
  4. Not for use in moving cracks.
  5. Not for use as a surface applied material or coating.
  6. Maintain minimum application widths and depths.
  7. Wet substrate prior to placement keeping the material wet for a minimum of 15 minutes.

PACKAGING: 3 lb. pail / 12 per case 10 lb. pail / 4 per case 50 lb. pail

COLOR: White

SHELF LIFE: 12 months. Rotate your stock.

REQUIRED TOOLS: Safety Gloves Mixing Bucket Trowel

MIXING RATIO: 3 Parts Powder to 1 Part Water

WEIGHT / CUBIC FOOT: 130 lbs per ft.³ Installed

APPROXIMATE COVERAGE: 50 lb. Unit Yields: 0.50 ft.³ 2 1/2 pounds will fill a crack 3/4” wide by 3/4” deep and 75” in length


COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH (ASTM C 109): 1 day 1,400 psi 9 .7 MPa 7 days 3,500 psi 24.1 MPa 28 days 6,400 psi 44.1 MPa

STORAGE: Store in cool dry place. Tightly seal package and do not expose to sun. FLAMMABILITY: (ASTM E-84) Flame Spread: -0- Fuel Contribution: -0- Smoke Development: -0- VOLITALE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS 0 g/l

CLEAN UP: Clean tools with water immediately after use or by mechanical means once dry.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Always refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to using this product for full Health, Safety and Handling guidelines. SDS sheets are available by calling 267.522.8000 or you can visit www.cgmbuildingproducts.com


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