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Tired of running out of breath inflating pool toys over and over? Are you ready for something different?

Introducing POOL-PETS!!! The world’s first & only WATER inflated Pool Toy- Pool Pets bring a whole new variety of pool fun!- Quick and easy to fill!- Safe for all Ages- Endless fun to keep your kids, and yourself, entertained for hours!

- Great for Pool Parties- STEPs Endorsed

– Great for kids with special needs or disabilities

- Helps kids stay active and get exercise by chasing their Pool-Pet all around the pool!- Glides underwater just like real animals

- Two Pool-Pets currently: Opie the Orca & Stretch the Stingray! With more coming soon!!!

Pool-Pets were invented by a father of four kids. The idea was thought of 20 years ago when his kids were in their teens and he had just begun to scuba dive and swim with marine animals. He had a great idea of creating that same experience for his kids. In 2014, the time had come to bring this idea into reality. After some research and production, he came out with Pool-Pets. These days, his four kids and eleven grandchildren enjoy Pool-Pets. Now, he has allowed Simply Great Stuff to bring that fun and excitement to every family – which is what he originally wanted.

How to Use

Pool-Pets are easy to inflate/deflate with the custom supplied nozzle. Simply follow the easy to use instructions that come with every Pool-Pet

NOTE: Do not sit or drag the Pool-Pet on the ground as it may cause it to tear.

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