Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner "Limited Stock"

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Dolphin S300I

Interactive pool Cleaning. The Dolphin S300i is Wi-Fi connected so you can set advanced cleaning schedules, choose between cleaning cycles, delay start, and spot clean using the MyDolphin Plus app on your phone. Whether you’re in the backyard or office, make your pool perfect from anywhere, anytime.

Pool Attributes
Pool Size Up to 50 Ft
Pool Type In-Ground
Filter Type Multi-Layer
Filter Description Extra Large Basket, Top-load
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Mode(s) Standard, Quick Clean, Enhanced
Cleaning Cycle(s) 1 or 2 hrs. (1.​5 and 2.​5 hrs. available in app)
Mobility PowerStream
Number of Brushes 2 Brushes
Active Brushes 1 Active
Connectivity & Automation
Remote Control No
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Bluetooth with WiFi
MyDolphin™ Plus App Yes
Weekly Timer Yes
Cycle Selector Yes
Delay Mode Yes
Full Bag Indicator No
Automation Mode Yes
Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable Yes
Cable Length 60 Ft
Warranty 24 Months Full
Caddy Included Included
Product Weight (robot only) 16.5 lbs



Scrubs away algae and bacteria while collecting both fine and rough debris


Better Grip for Vertical Cleaning

Our patent-pending PowerStream Mobility System creates a multi-directional water flow, which enables a constant grip on vertical surfaces. This not only ensures your pool walls and waterline are effectively cleaned, it improves navigation. 


Uninterrupted Hassle-Free Clean

Our anti-tangling patented swivel cable allows the robots to move easily and efficiently around your swimming pool making clean-up a breeze.  


for the Cleanest Pool Possible

Our multi-layer filtration system separates and filters rough, fine and ultra-fine dirt for highly efficient, clog-free filtration. Snaps apart for super easy cleaning.  


Effortless Cleaning

Easy on/off operation with weekly timer, cycle selector, and delay mode  


Control your Dolphin remotely

With this easy-to-use app you can register your Dolphin robot pool cleaner online and control it remotely. On full-featured Dolphin models, use the app to activate cleaning programs, activate the weekly timer and more.


     The Dolphin Supreme line is manufactured for sale by professional pool and spa Retailers. They are not intended for sale online. No Dolphin warranty coverage will be provided for Supreme units purchased over the internet that are shipped out of our service area.



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