Pool Salt 40lb Bag


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Pool Salt 40 lb Bag

The amount of salt is below the level of taste for most people and is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon. Since all chlorine added to a pool eventually reverts to salt, it is very important to measure the salt level in existing pools before adding any salt. After determining the amount of salt to add, hold 1 or 2 bags in reserve. Dump the remaining bags directly into the pool and brush the salt around. You don’t want the salt to sit on the bottom of the pool. Run the filter system for 24 hours with the suction coming from the main drain. Wait 24-48 hours to test your pool to determine where the salt level is. If the salt level is still low add the reserved bag(s).

* Eliminates Handling Hazardous Chemical Chlorine
* Less Skin and Eye Irritation
* Quick Dissolving