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Remove small surfaces stains fast with Spot Stain Chalk. Reusable chalk pucks are fumulated with 4 powerful stain lifters and a integrated sequestering agent for fast and permanaent stain removal in most applications.

  • Works on all surfaces
  • Reusable puck
  • (1) 9 oz puck per container
  • Removes metal and organic stains
  • See package for instructions
Item #: C005931CS1018

Product Info


Caribean Blue Spot Stain Chalk


Rubber gloves are required for use. Treat an inconspicuous are first before using Durachlor Spot Stain Chalk in its entirety. Avoid contact with metal surfaces. Do not use product while in the pool. When finished Durachlor Spot Stain Chalk can be dried and reused. Do not place wet or damp product back into its container. Pool can be used immediately after use.

Directions for stains below the water:

Wearing gloves, gently rub Durachlor Spot Stain Chalk directly to the surface stain to build up a layer of stain removing chalk. Most stains will dissipate shortly after contact. If needed, use a nylon brush or similar non-abrasive pad to help lift stains.

Alternative Method:

Place Durachlor Spot Stain Chalk directly onto the stain, but not more that 5 minutes at a time, checking stain occasionally. Once stain has lifted, remove Durachlor Spot Stain Chalk. Older or difficult stains may need to be treated with sequestering agent prior to use. A sequestering agent should be used after removal of stains to prevent stains from reappearing.

Directions for stains above water:

Apply a small amount of water onto area being treated. Gently rub Durachlor Spot Stain Chalk onto wetted stain to form a paste. Most stains will dissipate shortly after contact. Brush treated are as needed. Rinse after 1 minute and repeat process as needed. Do not allow rinsed material to dry on hard surfaces.


  • Note: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling

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