Sta-rite Max-E-Pro Pool Pumps

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Size: 1 hp Max-E-Pro Pump – Single Speed Full Rated 115/208-230
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Proven power and durability – Sta-Rite has updated the Max-E Pro High Efficiency Pool and Spa Pump line by adding the first and only single-speed pump to use NEMA Premium® Efficient motors for pool applications. The new and improved Max-E-Pro DOE compliant pumps are designed to help save electricity and optimize hydraulic horsepower without sacrificing performance.


  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor for maximum efficiency and durability
  • Improved designed for installation in any application
  • Quick-lock™ Trap Lid provides quick, easy cleaning with its single twist-and-lift motion for access to the ultra-sized strainer basket in seconds
  • 6”, extra-large-capacity trap collects more debris – resulting in less maintenance
  • Clear-view lid allows for an easy way to check for debris
  • DOE compliant
    Specifications: 348185
    Voltage – 115/208-230 at 60hz
    1.10 THP
    Port Size (NPT) – 1-½”

    See Recommended VS Pump Replacement: 343001

    Max-E-Pro pool pump is Sta-Rite’s premier pump that is high efficient, low maintenance and has maximum performance. Superior flow dynamics effortlessly move more water. Combined with the energy-efficient motor, the Max-E-Pro pump is the ultimate energy saver.

      • Inground pools of all types and sizes
      • Quick disconnect plumbing unions means faster disassembly and reassembly
      • A single twist-and-lift moten opens the Quick-Lock trap lid
      • 6” Extra large capacity trap
      • 2” FPT In-Out
    • Three Phase TEFC Super Duty 208-230/460 Volt


      Sta-Rite IntelliPro VSF pump provides precise flow control, which me

      Sta-Rite IntelliPro VSF pump provides precise flow control, which means increased efficiency, savings and performance. The pump’s innovative dual-technology design ensures the desired flow rate is maintained, no matter the conditions. The IntelliPro VSF pump is the first of its kind to respond to changes in your pool’s environment in order to maintain a preprogrammed flow rate. There’s no more guesswork, just set the desired flow rate and the pump will adjust as needed.

      Features: Model 013004

        • Inground pools of all types and sizes
        • Pump is quite at 45db
        • Energy savings up to 90%
        • Rotable keypad
        • Easy to use menus
        • 8 Programmable speed settings and built-in timer
        • 2” plumbing
      • Variable Speed 230 Volt

      Recommended VS Replacement Pump for P6E6F207L, P6E6G208L, P6E6H209L, P6RA6F206L

      Product Specifications
       Product Voltage Full Load Amps HP PLU Code
      P6E6D-205L 115/230 3/4 NLA
      P6E6E-206L 115/230 16.0/8.0 1 NLA
      348185 115/208-230 at 60hz 10.4 1.10 THP 946W99
      P6E6G-208L 230 11.2 2 NLA
      P6E6H-209L 230 15.8 3 NLA
      345078 3 phase 208-230/460 Volt
      2 1289W00
      013004 Sta-Rite IntelliPro VSF High 1943W00

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