Sta-rite Max-E-Pro Pool Pumps FULL Rated, 115/230V

Sta-RiteSKU: P6E6D-205L

Size: ¾ hp Max-E-Pro Pump – Single Speed Full Rated
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Strong performer. Quiet leader.The Max-E-Pro Pumps are Sta-Rite's premier pumps and are featured in many showcase pool installations. They didn't get there by chance. Pool professionals prefer the Max-E-Pro Pumps for their powerful, efficient performance and extremely quiet operation.

  • Typical Installation – Inground pools, pool/spa combinations, inground spas, fountains and water features
  • Self-priming – Suction lift up to 15' above water level
  • Easy-to-Install – 2" ports include external and internal threads for more plumbing options
  • Superior Hydraulic Design – Moves larger volumes of water, resulting in lower operating costs
  • Impeller Manufactured with Noryl® – Withstands the toughest water environments
  • Viton Shaft Seal – Longer-lasting seal stands up to the harshest environments
  • Self-lubricating Lid O-ring – Does not require lubricant
Product Specifications
 Product Voltage Full Load Amps HP PLU Code
P6E6D-205L 115/230 3/4 764W00
P6E6E-206L 115/230 16.0/8.0 1 819W00
P6E6F-207L 230 10.4 1-1/2 879W00
P6E6G-208L 230 11.2 2 1046W00
P6E6H-209L 230 15.8 3 1269W00
345078 3 phase 2 1054W00

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