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Sta-Rite Cristal-Flo Sand Filter

145360 150lb, 145362 300lb
Press, twist, and relax

You won't burn many calories maintaining Cristal-Flo II Top-Mount Filters. A little two-way wrist action on the control valve puts the Cristal-Flo II to work cleaning itself. And, this is one workout routine you won't have to do very often. Through innovative engineering, the filter's dirt-handling capacity is maximized, which extends the time between cleanings (backwashing).


  • Quality Construction – Durable one-piece extra-thick molded polyethylene tank
  • Safe – Internal air relief hole allows air
    to automatically escape, preventing high pressure buildup
  • 6-Position Valve – Allows you to perform all necessary water movement functions. A transparent sight-glass adapter is included
  • Large Drain Plug – Large drain plug is easy to get at for removing and installing by hand or with tools if required
  • Sleek Looks – Contemporary style with a textured black finish that provides superior performance in all weather conditions
Due to product shortages, shipment delays, and acts of nature some product will not be shipping out of our local geographical area until normalcy returns. Please check availability before you order.
Product Number  Size  GPM  Pipe Size  Amount of Sand required 
 145360  N/A  19"  48  1.5"  150lb
 145361  N/A  22"  60  1.5"  250lb
 145362  N/A  24"  70  1.5"  300lbs
 145387  26"  75  1.5"  350lbs

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