Succulent Garden Solar Light up Pool Chlorinator

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  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT WAY TO CHLORINATE YOUR POOL: The GAME Solar Light-Up Succulent Garden Pool Chlorinator is an energy-efficient way to keep your inground or above-ground pool properly chlorinated.
  • SOLAR-POWERED: This chlorine dispenser for hot tubs and pools is solar-powered. The solar panels charge the LED lights during the day, then automatically activate at dusk for up to 8 hours of brilliant light with a full charge.
  • ADJUSTABLE CHEMICAL-DISPENSING RATE: To ensure your chlorine swimming pool receives the right amount of chlorine, we’ve designed this pool chlorinator to have an adjustable chemical-dispensing rate (determined by the size of the pool).
  • PERFECT FOR CHLORINE POOLS: Our chlorine basket can be purchased as our trendy succulent garden or as our iconic Derby Duck, globe, pineapple, volcano or tiki. It’s perfect for above-ground and inground chlorine pools of multiple sizes.
  • TIPS OVER WHEN EMPTY: The GAME solar-powered chlorinator holds up to five 3-inch chlorine tabs (not included). The solar succulent garden floater tilts or tips over once all of the chlorine tablets have dissolved and it needs to be refilled.


Keeping your swimming pool properly chlorinated is made easier and more stylish thanks to this trendy and durable solar-powered LED light-up swimming pool chlorinator. The GAME Solar Light-Up Succulent Garden Pool Chlorinator is a durable, solar-powered chlorine dispenser that provides a consistent supply of chlorine into the swimming pool water. The solar panel draws power from the sun during daylight hours and lights up the white LED light for up to 8 hours on a full charge. The light will activate automatically at dusk, making it both convenient and attractive at night. It can hold up to five 3-inch chlorine tablets (not included) and is easy to replace. This fun chemical dispenser helps maintain your pool’s cleanliness by providing a consistent feed of chlorine into the pool water. You can adjust the flow rate of the chlorine, making it perfect for any size of chlorinated swimming pool, whether above-ground or in-ground. It comes with an expandable basket that holds up to five 3-inch chlorine tabs that can be adjusted to fit the needs and size of your swimming pool. A matching succulent pool thermometer is also available for a complete backyard look. This product is made by Great American Merchandise and Events (GAME). GAME is a cutting-edge innovator in the special event marketing and merchandising industries. Along with manufacturing and designing high-quality products, GAME also provides services to diverse nonprofit organizations that raise millions of dollars for charities across the globe.


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