Sunset Cove by Lomart 20mil Expandable to 7ft W.S.L "Limited Stock"

Sunset Cove by Lomart 20mil Expandable to 7ft W.S.L "Limited Stock"


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Lomart liners are produced at our modern manufacturing facility in Arkansas. They use a special blend of natural, raw materials that ensure top-quality vinyl for all liners. The ultraviolet inhibitors protect the liner from the sun’s rays as well as enhance longer life. In addition, Lomart’s quality premium liners are a full 20 mils thick on both the sidewall and pool bottom to assure superior performance. All Lomart liners are sealed with Fusion-Weld™ a sealing technique, unmatched in the industry, which provides durability and supreme quality. We are so sure of this sealing technique that we give all our liner seams the “Strongman” Warranty – 100% for a Lifetime.

Round Pool Size  Stock Number
18'  1-1852-908-124 
21' 1-2152-908-124 
24'  1-2452-908-124 
27'  1-2752-908-124
28' 1-2852-908-124 
30  1-3052-908-124
32' 1-3252-908-124 

Oval Pool Size
15'x30' 1-1530-908-124
16'x24' 1-1624-908-124 
16'x32' 1-1632-908-124 
18'x33' 1-1833-908-124 
18x34' 1-1834-908-124 
18x36' 1-1836-908-124 
18x38'  1-1838-908-124
18x39' 1-1839-908-124 
21'x41'' 1-2141-908-124