Thermacell 12-Hour Refill Kit

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Thermacell 12-Hour Refill Kit

To Replace Mosquito Repellent Mat Make sure device is off and cool; push used mat out by inserting a fresh one.

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Please refer to the instruction booklet that came with your device for specific features and directions.

To Use Mosquito Repellent

1. Remove one mat from wrapper.

2. With Thermacell device off and completely cool, insert and center mat under grill.

3. Attach Thermacell device to the power source specified on the device directions.

4. Follow your device directions to activate mosquito repellent.

To Insert Butane Cartridge

1. Remove the appliance cover. Remove the cap from the butane cartridge.

2. Screw the cartridge into the opening of the Thermacell appliance. Make sure canister is fully inserted by turning it until it stops. Do not over tighten.

3. Replace the appliance cover. To Turn On/ Off Refer to the appliance’s packaging.

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