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TruGuard is a sanitizing solution that utilizes the cleaning power of mineral technology to keep water crystal clear and free of harmful bacteria and algae while reducing chlorine usage. Used in conjunction with a chlorine or bromine delivery device, TruGuard is designed to be easily installed directly into the plumbing on the equipment pad and is constructed with the same durable material as our Never Lube® valves for long-lasting reliability.

Advanced mineral sanitization lets you use less chemicals and protects against algae. TruGuard™ is a sanitizing solution used in conjunction with a chlorine or bromine delivery device that leverages mineral technology to destroy algae and bacteria and help deliver cleaner, clearer more comfortable water for your pool or spa.
Hassle-Free Algae Control The powerful minerals in TruGuard destroy bacteria and control algae for up to 6 months in pools. Plus, replacing your cartridge is simple so you can experience uninterrupted indulgence of your pool.
Save on Chemicals TruGuard works alongside your pool’s filtration system while providing a cost-cutting alternative to heavy chlorine consumption by reducing necessary chlorine usage by up to 50% in most pools.
Enhanced Comfort You won't feel, smell, or be affected by heavy chlorine usage. Lasting Effects Lowered chemical usage prolongs the life of your pool equipment.

Works with Any In-Ground Pool* TruGuard provides the perfect pairing for chlorine and bromine pools. * Cannot be used with biguanaides nor with copper-based algaecides.
Dependable and Durable TruGuard is made of the same superior materials used to construct our Never Lube® valves to ensure long-lasting reliability
Out of Sight, But Easy to See Designed for out-of-sight installation directly plumbed into the rest of the pool pad, you won’t see TruGuard, but you will see cleaner, clearer water.

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