Algae Complete, Bioguard's Best Algicide


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 Algae Complete Bioguard's Best-Performing Algicide

  • Prevents and kills green, mustard, and black algae
  • Highly effective, fast-acting swimming pool algae destroyer
  • Non-staining when used as directed
  • For all pool surface types
  • Non-foaming, can be used in pools with attached spas
  • Dual active quat-based algicide + chelated copper
  • 72oz bottle provides ease of use with 4oz measuring cap and handle

Algae Complete® from BioGuard is a dual-action formula that provides a wide spectrum of algae-killing ability by combining the proven powers of polyquat and copper-based active ingredients. It’s highly effective on the most common types found in swimming pools – basic green algae, the more stubborn mustard variety and even tough black algae.

It can be used as both a preventative and a remedy solution so there’s no need to buy and use multiple products. The value-sized 72 oz. bottle provides enough product to keep your water protected over a full season.

Algae Complete® delivers solid results in as soon as 24 hours. Unlike lesser algicides, Algae Complete® will not foam and the copper is chelated, so it can’t drop out of solution and potentially stain your pool surfaces.