Millenium by Cornelius Aboveground Pool


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Millennium by Cornelius Aboveground swimming Pool

    • 52”
    • Rounds and A-frame Ovals and NBS Ovals 52”
    • Rounds and NBS Ovals 54”
    • 7″ Painted Galvanized Steel Top Ledges – KHAKI
    • Painted Galvanized Steel Top and Bottom Tracks
    • Galvanized Steel Top Connectors
    • 2-Piece Injected Resin Top Caps
    • 6″ Painted Galvanized Steel Uprights –KHAKI
    • Tuscan Wall Pattern
    • 1-Piece Injected Resin Foot Collars / Bottom Connectors
    • 3/25 Prorated Warranty
    • Hayward Wide-Mouth Skimmer Cut-Out
After a long, hot day, what could be more inviting for parents and kids than coming home to your own pool? It’s a whole new world of family time and relaxation in the comfort of your own backyard. leads the way with a wide range of affordable above-ground pools that will bring you lasting style and value to your backyard
Our pool brings unique style and beauty to your yard with design-inspired walls. Khaki colored co-ordinated posts and top ledges add a graceful touch. This new Cornelius pool look complements any backyard, looks beautiful year after year and adds value to your lifestyle. Our painted galvanized steel 7" ledges and 6" uprights with krystal kote sealant provides years of lasting beauty and quality. Unique interlocking resin caps, resin foot collars/connectors combo, painted galvanized steel top and bottom tracks with galvanized steel top connectors complete the look and adds strength for a pool that will last for summers to come. The oval pool brings the ultimate in style to your yard with a fun, flexible shape. Added engineering means long life, easy care and more useable yard space. Available with traditional angle bracing (A-frame) or a space-saving Narrow Buttress System (NBS). Your pool installs easily
Steel wall Components
Cornelius Steel wall
  1. Plasticized SP coating
  2. Molten zinc coat
  3. Primer coat
  4. Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides
  5. Ultra-resistant polymer
  6. Heat-hardened inlay
  7. Primer coat
  8. Chromate anti-rust coat
  9. Steel wall core
  10. Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides

Call for Swimming Pool Package Options

 Substitutions can be made, If the package is not exactly the way you want we will be more than happy to modify any package to fit your needs. Please call Water Works and talk to one of our staff at 734-284-3885