Solstice 52" Super Chill Single Sport Tube

Solstice 52" Super Chill Single Sport Tube


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Solstice SuperChill single sport tube. Durable vinyl tube is ideal for both pool use and river rafting. This tube has a cooling and supportive mesh insert seat as well as a pillow back rest for your comfort. Features a Boston valve, 2 onboard drink holders, vinyl handles & rope grab line for your convenience. Use the rope and handles to tie a group together for a day on the water.

  • Air inflated ring
  • Durable vinyl
  • Mesh seat insert
  • 2 sturdy black handles
  • Pillow back rest
  • All-around grab line
  • Quick inflate/deflate valve
  • Specifications;
    Model 17001
    Size 46” Round, 12” high
    White/Orange color
    Single person float

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